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MUD® Technology

The gold-standard satellite deep penetrating radar tool that models and monitors the surface, subsurface and underwater. 

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Mapped Underworld Dimension MUD®  revolutionizes how we see the Earth with leading-edge science that helps government, community, and industry to monitor and manage key resources to increase efficiencies, reduce operational costs, minimize harm to the environment and support the global transition towards more resilient and sustainable solutions.  


MUD® is an advanced Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) technology that penetrates vegetation, snow, ice, soils, overburden and water to reveal subsurface geological structures, assets and infrastructure, including utilities, disturbed earth, voids and tunnels. 


Optimal Subsurface  View with Digital Twins

Using real, not derived information, MUD®  provides comprehensive visualizations of the subsurface and underwater to give engineers, geoscientists and decision makers access to enhanced understanding of geological formations and subsurface assets. 

MUD® recognizes the critical importance of below ground infrastructure and integrates subsurface infrastructure into its advanced analytics and digital twin.

Data Completeness

Standard SAR methods to measure ground movement and deformation result in noise, distortion and voids making large areas within the data incomplete and non-representative. 

MUD® algorithms remove noise and distortion from SAR processing. 

MUD® data solutions
Data Representation

Persistent Scatterer InSAR may be used to overcome the errors associated with processed SAR data. Sampled points randomly selected don't include data within void areas. 

MUD® algorithms use all data points so there is accurate representation of the entire data. 

Data Resolution

Spatial resolution determines image quality so an increase in resolution results in an exponential increase in the amount of critical information held in each pixel. 


MUD®’s hyper-radar models produce a dramatic increase in ground spatial resolution.   


Data versus Information 

Do you collect and store geospatial data? Are you drowning in a sea of figures, images and tables unable to turn your data sets into meaningful insights that drive strategic action?

MUD® is an advanced technology that ingests highly dissimilar data through proprietary algorithms that process, organize and structure data into one system that can be  used to predict, analyze and make informed decisions. 


Underwater Feature Detection 

MUD® penetrates water and underlying surfaces to locate and model infrastructure such as pipelines lying beneath the surface.

Monitor, characterize and quantify changes to underwater river beds, in 3D. 

 MUD® capabilities
Advanced Analytics  

Advanced Analytics  

Auracle combines dissimilar data collected at different times and conditions into one actionable and unified data set.  

Subsurface Detection  

Subsurface Detection  

Auracle works at, near, under the surface and under water to detect structures, objects and targets at depth. 

Track Remediation 

Unparalleled Monitoring 

Auracle tracks change using satellite images  collected over time to monitor active and discontinued operations. 

Net Zero Commitment 

Net Zero Commitment 

Auracle creates no unnecessary human  footprint and maintains high environmental standards.

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