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MUD® is the gold standard used to model and monitor the surface, subsurface and underwater. 

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We are the power of MUD® 


Pushing SAR Data to Transform Earth Modeling and Monitoring 

Auracle works to revolutionize how individuals, governments and industries protect the Earth.  By harnessing the full potential of Synthetic Aperture Radar and advanced analytics, we are committed to developing innovative solutions that promote environmental stewardship and create real net zero results. 

Connecting Dots
David McLelland 

"Auracle's 3D  MUD® Model's predictive subsurface monitoring technology is derived from satellite data so Auracle adds layers of protection with zero emissions and no carbon footprint.

We believe that information about the structure and properties of the Earth's subsurface are critical for the sustainable use and management of the valuable resources and assets beneath our feet."

David McLelland 




Initial application of SAR data while developing a prototype Surficial Uranium Deposit (SUD) probabilistic model. 


Advanced algorithms incorporated radar's textural and structural information to reveal valley and rock formations under 100 meters of drifting sand in the Sudan Desert. 


We're Experts in Satellite Deep Penetrating Radar 

Our technology defies the rules to see down 100m through ice, soils, vegetation, overburden and under water to visualize and monitor underground infrastructure, water courses, water saturation, geohazards, patterns of change, utilities, disturbed earth and underground voids. 

Our Vision
Our Team

We're a multi disciplinary team with expertise from remote sensing scientists, geologists, geophysicists, and radar specialists.  We drive innovation and push the limits to answer the questions that really need to be asked by operators, engineers and explorers.

Our Commitment

We advance science to  to extract actionable subsurface intelligence that moves global governments, industry and agencies beyond regulatory compliance to explore deeper, and protect critical natural resources and infrastructure. We support  the transition toward more sustainable interactions with our planet.  

Our Solutions

MUD® radar technology models and monitors key assets in oil and gas, mining, infrastructure and water management. Uncover potential hazards and make informed decisions based on what lies beneath the Earth's surface and underwater. 

See what you've been missing

Add critical layers of subsurface intelligence 

MUD® analytics and 3D maps add a deep dimension of intelligence to transform your operations and create new possibilities. 

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