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Railway Systems

 MUD® subsurface intelligence breaks the costly cycle of fail and repair.

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Auracle understands that monitoring what is happening beneath the earth is essential to reduce uncertainty and to ensure rail system safety. MUD® detects what lies beneath the earth's surface with ease. MUD® penetrates through various layers, including vegetation, soil, ice, snow and even water to detect small patterns of movement and change, the precursors to rapid failures. 


MUD® goes beyond 3D visualization of the surface and subsurface and determines the acceleration rate of change, making MUD® a 4D predictive model. It identifies the root cause so operators can fix the problem rather than treat the symptom in the embankment, drainage and track components of the rail system.  


Proactively manage geohazards for slope stability

MUD® provides subsurface insight into slope dynamics to predict failure with 3D subsurface models of bedding planes, voids, shear zones, and fractures before there is surface indication of slope instability. 


Soil Saturation 

Railway infrastructure has a relatively long-life span and MUD® technology helps to ensure its resiliency to flooding events throughout its life span.

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Forward-thinking monitoring

Keep a constant pulse on subsurface and underwater threats to your critical assets and infrastructure. 

Replace visual inspections 

Reduce risk with a fully-automated inspection system that operates remotely 24/7 and through all weather conditions.

Satisfy sustainable operations 

Instill confidence in the public that your operators proactively address problems that threaten the environment and infrastructure. 

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Prioritize earthworks maintenance

Managing earthwork assets is complex, and with the vast numbers and diversity that require assessement and action, it is difficult to priorize and differentiate, with certainty, the likelihood of an event occurring. MUD® provides a visual system that helps operators to evaluate risk and prioritize their earthworks asset repairs and updates..  


Track geometry resilience

MUD® investigates the root causes that contribute to track geometry failure and provides detailed analyses along a whole track section so that required maintenance can be planned in advance. 

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