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Mining and Mineral Exploration

Subsurface intelligence for smart exploration and mining operations. 

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The MUD® system penetrates ground cover and overburden to detect and model bedrock formations, geological structures, faults, and contacts hidden deep beneath the earth's surface. The structures and alterations with the highest probability of mineralization become targets. 


MUD® empowers the mining industry to focus on environmental stewardship with accurate monitoring of terrain changes potentially caused by mining activities. 


MUD® detects, models and monitors subsurface and underwater movement, where tailings dam stability is at greatest risk.

Deepen your discovery capacity

MUD® technology offers precise and deep subsurface intelligence to detect mineral deposits hidden beneath the earth's surface. By mapping subsurface structure, even in extreme and remote environments, exploration companies can locate and model less apparent, deeper and buried deposits.


By expediting operations, MUD® lowers exploration costs so valuable resources can be efficiently located and extracted, leading to increased profitability and a reduction in environmental impact.


Narrow your original search areas to prospective targets, extract anomalous features using a 3D modeling geospatial technology that works for surface and subsurface deposits.


Detect subsurface structure and geohazards that impact engineering and design planning for pits, storage and processing facilities, and other critical infrastructure.  


Visualize bedrock formations, structures and geological faults, outcrops, and contacts at the surface and subsurface over large and difficult to access areas. 


Remotely monitor the impact of underground and underwater structural movement on assets and the impact of industrial activities on the environment. 


Tailings dam subsurface and underwater monitoring 

The Mapped Underworld Dimension (MUD®) system can "see" and measure subsurface and underwater patterns of change, in 3D,  which makes it possible to detect the small changes that often precede major deformation or failure. 


Explore the earth's subsurface
from space

Auracle and Alerio Gold joined forces to use MUD® to produce new geographic and geological information to refine and prioritize targets for future exploration programs at Alerio's Tassawini Gold Project, located in a heavily vegetated rainforest in Guyana. 


Sustainable resource management

3D models of the subsurface and underwater provide an added data layer of information that improves operational efficiency through discovery of hidden risks and opportunities.

Create value with a unified data set 

Create value with new, user-friendly 3D maps and models that transform company spatial data into one unified data set, with fused dissimilar drill, geological,  geochemistry, and geophysics data. 

Satisfy environmental stewardship

Bring down the cost of deeper discoveries  year  round, through all weather, day or night, without the environmental risks often associated with traditional exploration activities. 


Pipe Stalker® detects kimberlite occurrences

Pipe Stalker® is a breakthrough exploration tool that enables sustainable, cost-effective detection of kimberlite occurrences in complex scenarios: extreme weather, underwater, hidden by overburden and in remote locations.

Caught with looming deadlines and no ground work completed? Want to maintain valuable properties intended for further exploration?  MUD® advances new geographic and geological information, year round, and fits your budget, deadlines and schedule.

MUD® maps and models pegmatite and brine-type lithium deposits, under 100 meters of overburden. As a fully developed proprietary application, MUD® answers the global demand for critical mineral exploration and environmental stewardship.

MUD® is a revolutionary mining technology that helps mining operators to identify new water sources and to detect system leakages. It is a tailor-made solution that helps to answer the global demand for sustainable water management in industry. 

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