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Defence and Intelligence

Add deep layers of geointel to mission planning


Water is essential for industry, communities and individuals to survive and thrive. Pressure on the water supply is expected to increase in the coming years as populations grow and climate change affects water availability worldwide. The world is facing a critical shortage of clean drinking water and at the same time, flooding is a global threat.

Technical innovation is essential for the responsible development, conservation and use of groundwater resources. MUD® locates and monitors surface and subsurface water resources to detect and track pipe leakage, detect new water sources and measure soil saturation around assets.   

Flooded Railway.jpg

Flood defense system

Flooding is one of the most costly and dangerous global natural disasters, with negative impact on public safety, property, infrastructure and the environment. The frequency and severity of flooding continues to climb due to extreme weather events, structural failures, human activity and natural processes like landslides. 


Detect Hidden Underground Structures

Water is essential for industry, communities and societies to survive and thrive, yet water scarcity is one of the main problems faced by every continent. Water scarcity issues often go unresolved until catastrophes arise. 

MUD® provides a sustainable water management strategy that proactively locates and tracks subsurface water systems for domestic, municipal, industrial, ecological and agricultural uses.

Drought Stricken Cornfield.jpg

Sustainable resource management

3D models of the subsurface and underwater provide an added data layer of information that improves operational efficiency through discovery of hidden risks and opportunities.

Create value with a unified data set 

Create value with new, user-friendly 3D maps and models that transform company spatial data into one unified data set, with fused dissimilar drill, geological,  geochemistry, and geophysics data. 

Satisfy environmental stewardship

Bring down the cost of deeper discoveries  year  round, through all weather, day or night, without the environmental risks often associated with traditional exploration activities. 


MUD® detects and maps water saturation 

By classifying soil water retention, by percentage,  MUD® gives a detailed measurement of soil and water interaction, measures water volumes and visualizes the direction of water flows. Monitor soil saturation around assets, well in advance of catastrophic failures and without the use of expensive probes. 

grassy peatland with water.jpg

Measure and model peatlands in 3D

Peatlands are globally important ecosystems. While they cover only 3% of the Earth’s surface, peatlands store more carbon in their soils than other types of ecosystems. Countries and environmental agencies with net zero targets know  that peatland carbon stores are critical to tackling CO² emissions. 

MUD® penetrates surface land cover and water to measure and model complex three-dimensional peatlands to provide accurate volumes, boundary lines, and exact locations.

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