Auracle Geospatial Science works to revolutionize how global governments and pipeline, mining and engineering companies visualize the Earth. We peel away land cover to penetrate ice, soils, water, and overburden to reveal surface and subsurface geospatial information to explore deeper and protect critical infrastructure.

​Our aim is to help companies to go beyond regulatory compliance, get approvals faster and instill confidence in the public that this leading-edge technology gives early warning to address problems that protect the environment.  

Our Mission 

Advance Analytics 

Auracle combines dissimilar data to produce actionable maps and models and a unified data set. 

Instill Confidence 

Auracle satisfies demands for corporate responsibility to address issues and avoid crises. 

End to End Solutions  

Auracle claims a disruptive technology that provides revolutionary solutions across industry. 

Our Leadership 

Led by innovative thinkers, we're a team of GIS Analysts, Remote Sensing Scientists, Geologists and Geophysicists.

David McLelland 

Chief Executive Officer 

Michael Leahy

Chief Operating Officer

Stephen Leahy

Executive Chairman

Brian Abraham