Spatial Intelligence

Take Advantage of Spatial Intelligence and Geospatial Services

Do you remember having to use a physical map on paper to try to figure out how to get to a certain location? Nowadays, we have it easier with GPS. Not only does it figure out the shortest route to get from Point A to Point B, but in an instant, we are also able to see where the closest coffee shops, gas stations and restaurants are. Imagine, young drivers these days trying to navigate around without knowing traffic information, knowing the shortest route to a certain location or automated real-time alerts. Now all of this is possible thanks to spatial intelligence. 


Spatial intelligence is a discipline that analyzes geospatial data to better understand and visually illustrates human activity based on a particular geographic location. Data sources for spatial intelligence imagery include GPS, mapping data from satellites, aircraft and also census information.


Now businesses are taking spatial intelligence, along with geospatial services, far beyond traditional cartography. It’s not like businesses weren’t using long employed data to make informed decisions already. But by utilizing spatial intelligence and geospatial services, businesses now have data that reveals far more rich, detailed information into economic activity, as well as financial results. It’s a powerful tool that can uncover insights and opportunities simply not visible before. For example, logistics and supply chain management can instantly visualize the best routing scenarios to help save them money and time on travel. Businesses can locate where their customers are coming from and where they are in relation to their competitors, so that they can make an informed decision on where they should put up their next location. It also helps with insurance underwriting where insurance companies use the knowledge provided by geospatial services to help price the policies according to the risk they are undertaking.


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