Tetra Tech Canada Inc. (Tetra Tech) and Auracle Geospatial Science Inc. (Auracle) are pleased to announce that they have signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) specifically aimed at advancing collaborative efforts for the monitoring of critical infrastructure to identify potentially harmful geo-hazard events in advance of them occurring. Tetra Tech and Auracle have agreed to collaborate and identify prospective infrastructure, which requires satellite monitoring and will benefit from Auracle’s innovative technology and Tetra Tech’s expertise.

“Innovation is critical to the protection of the environment and the sustainability of critical infrastructure. Auracle has developed a customized satellite monitoring system that will help governments and the private sector stay ahead of risk by providing early detection of geo-hazards that threaten roadways, railways, pipelines, transmission lines and tailing ponds. Tetra Tech has specialized expertise in geotechnical engineering, soil structure interaction and geo-hazard assessments and mitigation. We are pleased to collaborate and coordinate our efforts to provide clear sustainable solutions that enhance public confidence and the ability to make critical safety decisions“, said Bernie Teufele, President, Tetra Tech Canada Inc.

“What makes our monitoring system unique is that we use satellite images to identify potential geo-hazards at, on and under dirt, sand, ice, vegetation, rock and water that can threaten the stability of assets. Our system detects even small ground movement and structural changes in any direction, day or night, rain or shine, wherever it occurs”, said David McLelland, Auracle CEO.

About Tetra Tech Canada Inc.

Tetra Tech is a leading provider of consulting and engineering services and is one of the largest engineering firms in Canada. With more than 3,900 employees across the country, Tetra Tech is a diverse and full-service engineering firm. Tetra Tech supports government and commercial clients by providing innovative solutions focused on water, environment, infrastructure, resource management, energy, and international development. With 16,000 associates and 400 offices worldwide, Tetra Tech's capabilities span the entire project life cycle.

About Auracle Geospatial Science Inc.

Auracle is a BC based geospatial technology company that has developed a world-class system that transforms geospatial data captured from satellites, drones and air into high-resolution visual information about the earth. Auracle’s advanced monitoring solutions locate existing and potential geohazard risks to infrastructure and assets.

For further information, please contact:

Michael Leahy, Auracle Geospatial Science Inc.

604 764 5548

Matthias Busslinger, Tetra Tech Canada

604 685 0275

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