Auracle is an industry leader in remote sensing and geospatial technology and specializes in the acquisition, analysis, and production of spatial data.  Our global clients in the mining, oil & gas, forestry and agricultural industries have come to rely on our expertise to acquire, analyze, and visualize their geographic information.


Our services include:


  • Data Acquisition

  • Satellite Image Processing

  • Spatial Analysis and Interpretation 

  • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)






Auracle provides a full satellite data acquisition service. We assess the satellite image data needs specific to your application and check archives for existing matches in the spatial, textural and spectral resolution your project requires.  If the data you need doesn't exist in archive form, we arrange customized data collection, including airborne and satellite sensor mission tasking. 


We gather all relevant and available topographic, geological and geographic data for the area of interest.





An Area of Interest (AOI) has coordinate points to geographically locate the project--a single claim or a cluster that may or may not be adjoining.

The AOI can be provided as a Shapefile, a KML file or a list of XY coordinates that includes project and datum information. With the AOI, we search data bases for available geospatial data and archived satellite images and arrange customized data collection as needed.

We develop flight plans for LiDar and aerial surveys with flight spacing and line length that meets the resolution requirement and budget.


Auracle is a licensed DigitalGlobe reseller.  

Please contact us here to order satellite images. 



 We use advanced image processing techniques to extract valuable information from satellite images and aerial photos. Auracle can integrate geospatial information acquired with different spatial and spectral resolutions to produce fused data that contains more detailed information than each of the sources individually.


















Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Orthorectified false colour medium resolution satellite image

Orthorectified pansharpened satellite image showing improved spatial resolution from original image

Orthorectified satellite radar derivative data

Mineral classes on a high resolution satellite image

Our image processing services include:

  • Orthorectification

  • Georeferencing

  • Atmospheric Correction

  • Mosaicing

  • Spectral Classification

  • DEM extraction

  • Data fusion




Auracle goes beyond simple technical processing to perform complex satellite image analysis to fully model and analyze your spatial data.  Our methods extract features and information that is not typical or obvious.  We conduct structural, lineament and fracture analysis on exposed and buried bedrock. 


Multispectral Satellite Image

Multispectral Satellite Image

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Digital Elevation Model (DEM)

Radarsat-1 with Roads and Rivers

Radarsat-1 with Roads and Rivers

Lineaments with Strike and Dip

Lineaments with Strike and Dip

Upgraded Geology Map with Lineaments

Upgraded Geology Map with Lineaments

Lineament Density

Lineament Density

This is a series of derivatives that show how stereoscopic radar reveals the structure of underlying rock which is buried in overburden and covered by vegetation.   



Auracle uses Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to manage, analyze and model a range of spatial information in a single, comprehensive system. We convert geospatial data from multiple sources with different scales and quality into a unified GIS so you can query specific locations or extracted features by linking the GIS with your other databases.


We create GIS Maps and other satellite image deliverables, with final products that are orthorectified and georeferenced. Because GIS tools can graphically depict subsurface relationships in multiple dimensions, they are invaluable for presentations, reports and permit applications.