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Making or acquiring a geological map is an essential steps in any exploration program and it remains an important control document for subsequent stages of exploration and mining, including drilling, geochemistry, geophysics and mine planning.


Auracle offers new and improved methods of mapping hidden and deep-seated deposits.



Map upgrades using 3-D Bare Rock Models


PROCESS: Auracle's geological map upgrades, using 3-D Bare Rock Models, are a breakthrough in visualizing geological data.




  • Accurately locate geological hazards such as faults and landslides

  • Reveal the location and type of resources such as gravel, sand, ground water and mineral deposits.



BENEFITS:  An integrated geo-referenced database provides:

  • accurate control document for all stages of exploration

  • more complete constraints for modeling geophysics data

  • visuals for presentations, reports, and permit applications

PROCESS: Auracle produces Digital Elevation Models (DEMs) from optical and radar satellites and from aircraft with different scales and resolutions. 


USES: DEMs can be produced for any location, either from archived high resolution image archives or through the acquisition of new satellite images.


BENEFITS: We also produce customized, high-accuracy Digital Surface Models (DSMs) and Digital Terrain Models (DTMs) that are GIS ready.

PROCESS: Auracle extracts features from topographic maps, satellite imagery and aerial photography. We also extract contours, hillshades and slope from DTM data.  


USES: Features that can be extracted include:

  • facilities

  • transportation 

  • land use and land cover

  • vegetation and soil types

  • political boundaries

  • disturbances due to industrial activities


BENEFITS: Receive customized maps that easily integration with other maps and geospatial information. You can query databases for specific features.


Aerial, topographic and satellite imagery.


Aerial, topographic and satellite imagery.

PROCESS: Using high resolution satellite images, Auracle conducts shallow water bathymetric mapping down to 25-30 meters in depth under optimal conditions. Our bathymetry maps provide 3-D shape and elevation of underwater terrain and depth values in meters.  



  • environmental monitoring

  • offshore seismic survey planning,

  • drilling location selection


BENEFITS: Our methods are possible in remote or access-denied areas with cost-effective and non-intrusive results. 


Shallow water mapping down to 30 meter depths.


Model land and lake bottoms regardless of water or streams.


PROCESS: Auracle exploits high resolution satellite radar and optical imagery along to reveal underlying rock surfaces, structures and textures. Specialized classification and data fusion algorithms are then used to detect mineral deposit signal patterns for worldwide exploration of surface and subsurface deposits.       


USES: Geophysical and geochemical interpretation and survey planning.


BENEFITS: Deepen and expand search areas with minimal human footprint. No permit or social license is required.  

PROCESS: CSEMs, are terrain models that model land and lake bottoms as a continuous surface regardless of water or streams.


USES: These are ideal tools for environments covered by many small and shallow lakes, which are nearly impossible to manually survey.


BENEFITS: These models are useful in geophysical modeling and exploration, gravity surveys and provide valuable terrain information for uranium and diamond exploration.


Penetrate land cover and overburden to reveal underlying rock surface.

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