INSAR Remote Satellite Monitoring

What is InSAR Remote Satellite Monitoring?

InSAR Remote Satellite Monitoring is a precise and cost-effective satellite-based monitoring technique used to quantify ground movements and minimizes the need for expensive field investigation and modern geotechnical measurement equipment, which can become costly and laborious. By using radar signals from satellites that orbit Earth, InSAR can measure changes in land-surface altitude at high degrees of measurement resolution and spatial detail, and can provide millions of data points within a large area. InSAR Remote Satellite Monitoring also has the ability to provide monitoring data at all times of the day, in all weather conditions. There are many uses for InSAR Remote Satellite Monitoring, but its ideal in measuring the spatial extent and magnitude of deformation on the surface that are associated with fluid extractions and natural disasters. For example, InSAR Remote Satellite Monitoring is a cost-effective way to monitor deformation in dams and can be used to give a forewarning when the safety of structures and their environs are compromised. 


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