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Monitor the environment and track changes in natural resources and environmental conditions over time and large areas

Right of Way Monitoring

Surveille ROWs to detect ground movement, bank erosion, encroachment and loss of cover that may impact pipeline integrity.


Augment visual inspections to reduce operator error with customizable, routine monitoring programs. 

Use our advanced spectral analyses that detect vegetation stress associated with low level pipeline leaks. 

Analyze the impact of development and industrial activity on the environment.  

Facilitate collaborative understanding of impact issues with maps and models.   

Demonstrate compliance to regulatory policies and restoration requirements. 

Monitor changes as projects develop so issues are revealed before crises.  

Contamination Detection

Establish accurate baselines of the environmental conditions around industrial sites. 


Monitor contaminated sites to analyze the impact on the environment overtime.

Identify remediation needs and measure effectiveness and regulatory compliance. 

Resource Management

Assess, manage and protect coastal resources in estuaries, harbors, lakes and swamps.

Learn about the health and condition of soils and crops before they can be visually identified. 

Monitor the ecosystem to assess health and update forest inventories.

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