About Auracle Remote Sensing

About Auracle Remote Sensing

Auracle has developed and commercialized a world-class system that transforms geospatial data from satellites, drones and air into high-resolution visual information about the earth. This all-weather technology penetrates below dirt, rocks, vegetation, water and ice to reveal structure and measure ground movement. Auracle’s tailored services and information products turns data into usable, updatable intelligence across all types of industries and applications.


The AURACLE SYSTEM sets a new standard for vigilant monitoring with its constant pulse on geological and geophysical hazards that threaten pipeline integrity. As a revolutionary new exploration tool, The AURACLE SYSTEM narrows targets with actionable virtualized data bases that explorers take with them to the field. The AURACLE SYSTEM integrates seamlessly into business operations to protect critical infrastructure threatened regularly from natural disasters.


We’re on a mission.

​We want global governments, pipeline, mining and engineering companies to use our disruptive technology to reveal geospatial information undetectable any other way to explore deeper and protect their critical infrastructure. We advance innovative methodologies to compile, integrate and fuse satellite data to extract actionable information that goes beyond what is typical or obvious.

​Our aim is to help companies satisfy demands for corporate responsibility that goes beyond regulatory compliance to get approvals faster and instill confidence that this leading-edge technology addresses issues before they become problems. 


We pursue opportunities that drive technological innovation & professional excellence.


We advance technologies that support cost-effective business operations.


We foster excellence to   deliver data-driven, actionable solutions for tough challenges.


We collaborate to develop and deliver solutions that exceed client expectations.


Our discovery into how radar satellite imagery reveals structure began in 2009 when a group of forward-thinking geologists asked our founder, David McLelland, to use satellite images to locate copper targets above the Arctic Circle. David never thought to say it couldn’t be done and went on to identify several key copper targets, update the company geology map and facilitate a productive but very limited field season.

Discovery rates, especially of world-class mineral and energy deposits had fallen significantly and the exploration world needed a technology that located and predicted less apparent, deeper and buried deposits. In 2012, while searching for hydrocarbons in the Sudan Desert, Auracle developed an algorithm that incorporated the textural and structural information contained in radar imagery. Though it defied the “rules”, no one could deny that our technology revealed valleys and rock formations under 100 meters of blowing, drifting sand.  

In 2014 we experimented with data fusion techniques to improve the accuracy of our 3-D Bare Rock Model, the original name of our imagery product. Optical imagery was fused with our radar technology to detect indicators of surface minerals and differentiate rock and formation types. Our system now includes upgraded geology maps and prospectivity models. Our unique data fusion technique makes The AURACLE SYSTEM accurate to 1 meter. We achieved another innovative milestone when we rendered our fused imagery product into a red/blue image with depth, seen with 3D glasses.  

When companies with massive amounts of geospatial data needed efficient ways to turn that data into useable information, we pushed our fusion technology to combine and analyze the inherent relationships between dissimilar data. Geochemistry, geophysics, drill core, structural, geological and hyperspectral data collected and processed at different times, seasons and conditions is transformed into a cost-effective platform with actionable outcomes.  

Auracle has evolved into something more complex than its original application as an advanced mineral and oil exploration tool. Understanding and modeling subsurface structure and rock formations, The AURACLE SYSTEM is now paired with our new 3D version of Interferometry to develop a customizable monitoring system that reliably measures earth movement and change. Our new 4-D state-of-change technology makes it possible to monitor the impact of our complex, dynamic earth on industrial assets, infrastructure and the environment, as small as 2 mm, to accurately locate and describe the amount, type, rate and direction of change over large areas.

On our horizon is a new visualization format featuring augmented reality, which blends virtual reality and real life so those on the ground and at the desktop would “see” the structure, lithology and rock types to “explore” the ground for mineral or energy targets, “walk” the pipeline to investigate potential hazards or “track” slope movement in advance of events that can demolish infrastructure and threaten human safety.

David McLelland



David drives innovation and technological vision across the company. He leads our team of high-skilled remote sensing analysts to continually expand our methods and algorithms to create solutions for clients across industries. He is the Past Chair of the Association for Mineral Exploration BC and sits on the Technical Advisory Committee for the BC Geological Survey. He is a member of the Canadian Remote Sensing Society and a Fellow of the Canadian and Royal Geological Society. David holds a Master of Science degree from Manchester Metropolitan University.

Stephen Leahy



Stephen oversees Auracle’s overall strategic vision and manages investor relations. He brings over thirty years of business development experience to Auracle and has transformed both large and start-up companies to achieve healthy growth by increasing innovation and achieving operational efficiencies. Stephen was the CEO of North American Tungsten and transformed this enterprise into one of the world’s largest tungsten producers. Most recently, Stephen led the team responsible for securing Valemount Glacier Destinations’ Master Plan approval. 

Michael Leahy



Working closely with our product and marketing teams, Michael directs Auracle’s sales and revenue growth strategy. Michael joins our team with a diverse range of business development experience. Over the last five years, he has co-founded and managed three entrepreneurial start-ups from small business to enterprise. With a background in business management, Michael aims for operational efficiencies and a culture where customer experience is the number one priority. Michael earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Business from Acadia University.


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