33D Modeling Geospatial Technology

What is 3D Modeling Geospatial Technology?

Have you heard of 3D modeling geospatial technology? Even if you haven’t heard of it, chances are you interact with 3D modeling geospatial technology almost every day. From taking pictures with embedded location data, using apps that trace location to using the maps on our smartphones, 3D modeling geospatial technology is being used all around us, and that’s just on a personal level. Geospatial technology is also used by businesses and governments to monitor and track geospatial information, which is time-based data that is related to a specific location on the Earth’s surface. Using 3D modeling geospatial technology, they can take this data to create 3D models of the earth, which can provide insights into relationships between variables and reveal patterns and trends, so that they can make smarter decisions. 


There are a variety of industries where this technology is highly beneficial:


City Planning

Using 3D modeling geospatial technology, city planners can visualize proposed changes so that they can predict outcomes for current residents and future generations in order for them to determine the best ways to build in that area. 


Wind Farm Assessment

3D models of the earth are used during wind farm assessments so that planners can get a better idea on how wind farm development can impact the wildlife and people in the area. 


Disaster Response

3D geospatial technology can provide detailed mapping so that disaster response teams can coordinate a plan of action and the best route for evacuation. They also will have a better idea of what type of environment they will be dealing with. 


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