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Visualize and Interact with the Earth's Subsurface 

MUD® advances the power of subsurface intelligence with satellite deep penetrating radar to detect subsurface water, monitor tailings facilities and critical assets and target critical minerals. 

Pushing the limits of Earth Observation with 3D subsurface intelligence 

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An advanced SAR-based technology, MUD® is a machine learning system that uses satellite deep penetrating radar to penetrate cover, snow, ice, rocks, soil, vegetation and underwater to identify and monitor subsurface structures, unseen assets and risk zones.

Trending Insights

Tailings Dam Monitoring

Get unparalleled visibility into tailings dams to detect subsurface and underwater geohazards. 

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Water Resources Management

Locate water leaks and soil saturation beneath the surface to protect critical water resources. 

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Railway Safety Solutions

Detect the precursors to rapid failures and unseen subsurface movement.


Subsurface Digital Twin

MUD® revolutionizes how the subsurface can be modeled and visualized that goes beyond the traditional above ground surface model. MUD® provides actual 3D visualization and location data of subsurface features that include man-made assets like utilities, transportation networks and infrastructure and the natural environment like water bodies, geology and geotechnical properties. 


Sectors we serve


Narrow targets and make deeper discoveriers to accelerate exploration.  


Detect subsurface fluids, air space and geohazards to reach zero emission goals. 


Locate and track subsurface water systems and pipeline leaks in water management.  


Visualize unseen subsurface precursors that can lead to rapid slope and track failures.  


Connect subsurface and underwater intelligence to  inform design and monitoring.


Subsurface and underwater diagnositcs provide a dynamic view of underground assets.


Take action based on what lies beneath the Earth's surface 

Knowing what lies underground is critical information in planning and designing, monitoring and tracking infrastructure and assets. Conditions beneath the Earth's surface change quickly and unpredictably, with potentially disasterous consequences on networks, infrastructure and human life.

The Mapped Underworld Dimension (MUD®) technology sees the subsurface and underwater from space to uncover potential hazards, locate underground structures and utillities, detect water resources, track landfill composition, and target critical minerals. 

Stay ahead of risk 

MUD® measures surface and subsurface ground movement and change to monitor the impact of underground structural movement on pipelines, railways, roads, mines and tailing dams.    

This all-weather technology penetrates below soils, rocks, vegetation, water and ice to see subsurface geohazards.
MUD® transforms geospatial data from satellites, drones, air and ground platforms into actionable maps and models.   
Early detection allows operators to take action before problems escalate to impact operations or damage the environment. 
MUD® integrates your existing data, even if it's dissimilar so you make informed decisions with complete data.
MUD® detects subtle ground movement and structural changes of millions of surface points not just sensor location points.
MUD® can identify the exact location, type, direction and rate of change over time and over large, remote areas.  
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